Paint and Painting

one paints by mistakes, one paints what one cannot see“.

Painting is a refuge.
Painting is a virus.
I keep it and cultivate it in Serrungarina among my things, my books, my projects, my memories.

Painting is like a virus for my actions, a filter of meaning, a ‘chromobiological’ entity whose nature is an organism made of colours.
It attacks my daily thoughts, filters them, judges them and invites them to escape.

Painting coexists with all my other passions and seeks space, always, in my heart.


It is ours, a time occupied by images that cross our days, our eyes.

Visions that touch us only to immediately disappear, leaving nothing of themselves and taking nothing of us.
This great hubbub of places, signs and colours catches us more and more isolated and far from our inner thoughts and depths. Our senses are overwhelmed by quantity; we are rarely able to select, to choose.

This is why, defined with irony and amusement, it is clandestine, underground, the world of those who cultivate taste, the passion for art, for making and interpreting as a gesture of individual affirmation.

Raffaele Gerardi has been telling us about the world for years with an original daily commitment. His talent emerges in the signs with which he describes a world full of emotions, made up of bodies intent on expression. His painting, a real and true means of expression, is an explosion of the senses, a physical and emotional promise to achieve maximum simplicity.

It is the place of education in seeing. An invitation to go underground, with the eyes of children ready to be surprised, to visit a territory rich in emotions, to be struck by the evidence of our blindness.

Giorgio Di Tullio